4 abr. 2012

灼眼のシャナIII -Final- ファイナル

And here is my tribute to one of the gratest series (at least from my point of view) of anime.

It took seven years to reach an end to 灼眼のシャナ and I have to say it's not exactly the end I expected but well, seems or little Shana has finally made it to the end.

23 mar. 2012


And after a looong breack here we are again with a new set of sketches, I just couldn't let it pass to draw again my beloved Louise since she is my favourite character, so for all Zero no Tsukaima fans, here you have some art-works of her.

20 ene. 2012

Kiss x Sis 二番

Sorry for the long delay in posting again in the blog but I had some funny things to do up to now ^^

Well, finally it's possible to post this second KissxSis fan arts post, hope you like those, at least seem to be better than the last ones, don't they?


20 oct. 2011

Okina style

This post and fan arts ar a tribute to my favourite artist, OKINA, I still remember how hard it was to get Silent e and 禁断のようせい (It was so hard to find somebody sending it outside Japan).

Well, hope people don't kill me for this... エロい draws xDDDDDDDDDDDDDD

10 oct. 2011

Kiss x Sis

Just finished a new pack of pics with twincestuous anime characters Ako & Riko from the anime series Kiss x Sis.

Since I don't really like how those look like there are 5 more coming soon (by monday or twesday should be finished).

BTW I have also changed the layout of th forum, hope you like the new looks of it, I still can revrse the chang if people doesn't really like it ^^

12 sept. 2011

H.O.T.D High School of the dead

And a new 5 draws pack, this time from High school of the dead female characters.

It was some time ago since I've drawn a full developed female body so some errors are expected.

Hope you can comment those ^^

2 sept. 2011

A Channel ~ Aチャンネル

And here I have a new pack of sketches, this time based in the anime series A channel.

My favourite character is Yuuko chan, the way she ever blushes and gets teased by Tooru chan is soo funny.

Hope you enjoy this.