Jun 27, 2008

Nanatsuiro Drops

Hi back
Here it comes two new drawings from the anime Nanatsuiro drops ^o^
I hope you'll enjoy them

The Sumomo's alone one is definitelly my favourite, the other... well, I don't like how Sumomo's friend ass looks T_T

Jun 16, 2008

Summer is here

Well, from now on I'll also write comments in English and Spanish, I'm not going to translate the others cause I'm too much useless to do that xD

Well, I've drawn those two cause this weekend I've been suffering terribly high temperatures due the approximation of Spanish summer, hope you'll enjoy both draws as much as I liked doing them ^o^

First one is just a big boobies girl (came from nowhere)

The other is Louise (from Zero no Tsukaima).

Please, write a comment if you want ^o^


Bueno, estos dos dibujitos los hice este fin de semana mientras sufria las horripilantes temperaturas del veranito peninsular (si ahora pica de esa forma no quiero ni saber lo que sufriré en agosto T_T)

Bueno, solo añadir que la primera imágen corresponde a un dibujo de una chica simplemente... "bien dotada" xDDDD

La segunda sí que ya corresponde a Louise de Zero no Tsukaima ^o^


Jun 10, 2008

I'm back ^o^

Bueno, despues de estar un tiempo disapeared y en "busca y captura" por razones que no vienen al caso (xDDD). He vuelto con unos cuantos dibujillos, espero poder continuar con mas regularidad y sin sobresaltos.

Si quereis dejar comment, ya sabéis ;P