Oct 27, 2008

Nya-nya, miau-miau, meow-meow

Well people, long time no uploading anything, well... here there come four new drawings I just did in a bit of free time I had, hope you7d like them as much as I enjoyed drawing those ^^

For any question, just leave a comment and I'll be glad to answer it ^^

As comments about the drawings well, I think iots obvious the two draws of Shana are the best ones (I've really put some efford drawing them cause I really like Shana), at about Konata it's not as bad as it could be but I still see her a little weird, don't you think so? Finally about Louise's drawing, that is a totally disaster, I've really thought not uploading it cause that was too much horrible but well, at least is a work I've done as the others and I suppose I cannot just take what I like and throw away the rest (and also I'm sure there would be a lot of people who would lke to attack the draw xD)

PS: I'll try to be more constant from now on drawing and uploading draws in the blog xD