Nov 11, 2008

Two new pics

Oki, this time only two new pics; the second one is Haruhi from Suzumiya Haruhi no Yuutsu, and the first one is Fate from Magical girl Lyrica Nanoha Strikers.

Well... what can I say about those? I've really enjoyed very much drawing Fate-chan specially the clothes (still I think her hand looks a little weird -.-) but I'm pretty happy with the final looking of the draw ^^

About the HAruhi one... don't know, looks kinda strange in general xDDD specially her hand (yep, hands are my main weaknes) and I also think her eyes doesn't look enough good at all, maybe I should try to improve her for a bit.

And that's all for today, coming soon new drawings and all of this stuff, hope to read your comments, bye bee ^^


Li_chan said...

Hola! Hay algo para ti en mi blog.



Jaide1004 said...

Ho tanto tiempo sin pasarme por aquí, oye estos dibujos me gustaron mucho, cada vez veo con asombro que estas mejorando cañón, así que \(*0*)/ Seguiré por aquí (^_^)/ Saludos

Nanuchan said...

Muchas gracias por los animos, seguire esforzandome para mejorar