Dec 31, 2008

Last draws

No, the title doesn't mean at all that I won't draw anymore, just means these are the last draws of this 2008 year ^^

Hope you all would like them and my speciall thanks to everybody who has been following this blog since the begining or have found it more recently ^^

Happy New Year to everybody

Dec 22, 2008

Mimi Usa

And finally here is the last Kojika girl ^^

Well, what can I say about those? I've really enjoyed drawing them still when thre was another difficulty added (Mimi has boobs xDDDDD).

Well, I think it'd be better to wait for people comments than saying anything more.

Dec 15, 2008

Kagami Kuro

Just after the little break for the "Christmas Presents" xD I'm back with a new serie of drawings of Kagami Kuro from Kodomo no jikan.

I'll admit that one of my main reasons for this gallery was being able to see Kuro-tan with the famous babydoll (since only Kokonoe has been dressed with that in the series xDDDD).

As usual, waiting for your comments ^^

Dec 9, 2008

Christmas Presents

HOHOHO! Now that Christmas holidays are just coming I've thought to made an "special present" for all of those who come to this blog xDDDD

And wich better present thsn anyone of those? xDDDDDD

Nice packaged and ready to be opened... wich one of those presents will you choose?

Hope to read soon your comments ^^

Dec 1, 2008

Rin Kokonoe Gallery

Oki, this weekend I've just being drawing some different draws of Rin Kokonoe (Main character of Kodomo no Jikan) In the blog post they're sorted from top (last one drawn) to de downer (the first one drawn.

It's pretty obvious an improving on the draws from the first one downer (I had to repeat the eyes about 7 times and at the end that leasted a weird looking) to the last one, upper, that I really liked the face but the miko dress should be reviewed.

Well, nothing more, better to wait for your comments ;P