Dec 15, 2008

Kagami Kuro

Just after the little break for the "Christmas Presents" xD I'm back with a new serie of drawings of Kagami Kuro from Kodomo no jikan.

I'll admit that one of my main reasons for this gallery was being able to see Kuro-tan with the famous babydoll (since only Kokonoe has been dressed with that in the series xDDDD).

As usual, waiting for your comments ^^

1 comment:

Chito said...

Salut! (^-^)/ anda si se ve que te gusta Kuro Kagami. Espero que te este yendo bien te deseo felices fiestas y te la pases genial con tu familia. (^_^)/ Tus dibujos me gustan, ya puedo destinguir tu estilo.