Dec 28, 2009


Hi peeps, here is what we can say "The last post of the year & the decade" xDDD

And wich character better than my beloved りんちゃん?

I wish a Merry Christmas and a lolicious new year to all of you ^^

Dec 3, 2009

Second hand goddess ナギさま

Well, and that's all for this week fan arts, hope you all liked those (yet I think I made for some mistakes when drawing them U_U)

See you soon ^^

Nov 23, 2009

ぺたんこてのり Taiga-chan

Hi there people here I'm again with some more draws ^^

This is the second time I draw Taiga-chan, she's so cute, after the first five drawings I aready decided I had to draw her again (and maybe there will be a third time xD)

Well hope you like this five draws and leave a suggestion about how to improve (there's still a long way to go).

Nov 9, 2009

Fate//Stay night 2

Hi peeps, sorry for the long time no posting draws, but just now, with my degree and 日本語 lessons I'm a bit busy and cannot have enough free time for drawing U_U

Hope you enjoy this works of Illyasviel von Einzbern and Saber ^^

Oct 8, 2009

Kodomo no jikan ni gaki end

Sorry for the delay with this new update, I've been lately busy since this year I started studying 日本語, so I'll be less regular with the uploads from now on U_U

BTW this week fan arts are a celebration for the end of the second season of Kodomo no Jikan (and hope there will be a third season this time not OVA's, we want a normal 25 episode season xDDDDDD

Well, hope you like the ecchiness of this week sketches ^^

Sep 23, 2009


I really liked this anime from some t\ime ago, but until lately I couldn't obtain the art-book so I waited to have it on my hands before starting drawing the heroines of Clannad ^^

Hope you like the sketches

Sep 14, 2009

First lineart

People, I need your help, past thursday I bought a bamboo wacom cause I'd like to start linearts and colouring my sketches; so I took a sketch form some time ago and tried to work wit it... the result? HORRIBLE! I cannot believe how bad it ended, I'm very disappointed with it... please, has somebody any tips to improve? Because that really seems the work of a drunk hooligan with parkinson

Original sketch


Sep 9, 2009

Mahou shoujo Nanoha

Hi peeps, this new weeks drawings are a bit different (this time no Louise chan T_T xDDD) This time I wanted to draw the characters of nother series, Mahou shoujo Nanoha.

Since I couldn't decide if it was better to draw them loli or adult, I've drawn both xDDDD you can decide wich one you prefer.

I know the results are not quite good, but hope to get improving as I'll be trying harder ^^

Aug 24, 2009

Louise chan ero tsundere hime

Yepp, I had to draw some more Louise-chan's fan arts, she's just too cuttie in the Tsundere mode xDDDDDDDDDDDDDD

Hope those will be liked by everybody ^^

Aug 12, 2009

Louise Strikes back

I couldn't just forget about Louise-chan, after all she's one of my favourite characters (I love tsundere and lolis so she is a combination of what I most like)

Hope those five draws will be of your like and hope to see you arround here again in the future too xDDD

See you on next week or two ^^

Aug 6, 2009

Moetan - Pastel Ink

And another queen of loli arrives to nanuchan blog xD

Pastel Ink (Pasteru Inku in japenglish), do you think I've turned to a still more pervert draws? Maybe I should change back to the old style?

Hope you like these 5 sketches.