Jan 26, 2009

New weekend drawings

Hi again in pur usual drawing upload of the week ^^

This weekend's drawigs are not as much ecchi as the usual ones, so we can say they are... "family safe " xDDDD

BTW the cuteness is the usual, so I hope you all will like them ^^

Jan 19, 2009

More Kokonoe works

Lately it seems I've been monotheme with only Rin-chan's drawings xD

But it can't be helped she's so much cuttie ^^

Hope you'll like them all ^^

Jan 12, 2009

A few more

This has been a very productive weekend ^^

As the last drawings I've continued with Kodomo no Jikan (I won't end those until I'll be able to draw Rin with my eyes closed xD)

Hope you'll like those but some of them look weird at least in a few parts, I still have to improve a lot T_T

Jan 5, 2009

First new year's drawings

Ok here comes this weekends new drawings (what a surprise xD) well, since I said farewell to last year with some Rin-chan drawings I've thought it'd be better to also start this new year with some drawings of her ^^

hope you'll enjoy them ^^