Feb 23, 2009

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This weekend I was soooooooo much tired so I haven't wanted to do so much work and I haven't drawn the clothes xDDDDDDDDDDDDDDDD

Just a joke xD I ever said for drawing a dressed character you first must be able to draw that character nude ^^

Feb 16, 2009

From Kodomo no jikan second season

Okay, this weekend I've drawn some more from Kodomo no Jikan (man I really like the style xD) the first and second ones are my favourites (ero-looking Rin is great xDDDD just at the begining of the episode I've thought that would be turned in a hentai anime xD) and the looking-like the other character have as well been so funny to draw ^^

Hope you'll like them ^^

Feb 9, 2009

Shakugan no Shana + Kodomo no jikan pics

This week I've been a bit bored and I've started thinking about I've never seen a picture of Rin-chan with kemonomimi so I thaught... "If there's no one, I'll made there will be at least one" and this is the result... Rin-chan with cat ears xDDDDD and also a few more draws for arriving to the usual 5 drawings per week ^^

Hope you like them and write a comment about

Feb 2, 2009

I really hate commenting my own drawings, it'll be better to read other people's comment ^^

And well, basically those are nothing more nothing less than 4 draws of Rin-chan from kodomo no jikan and one of Shana from shakugan no shana.