Mar 23, 2009

This week I've drawn the three main characters from Kodomo no Jikan by separated and the other two drawings are from Lucky Star (I also really like Konata... she's nearby as freak as me... but I'm worst xD)

Hope you'll blike them ^^

Mar 16, 2009

Fate Stay Night special

Well, this weekend I've tried doing 5 fan arts of the very well-known anime series Fate Stay night (Type moon).

Since las week's Saber-chan drawing looked a bit tender I thought maybe I could draw a fow more of that series but I don't know how the results ended looking extremely weird...

Does this mean I need a bit of loliness to draw properly? xDDD Maybe this is the point o.o

Anyways here I upload all the 5 drawings I ended doing this weekend, the only one wich doesn't look weird to my eyes is maybe Sakura Matou one... all the others are simply horrible U_U

Hope you can help me to improve my non-loli drawing style (as well the loli-style) man... it seems my muse left my side T_T

Mar 9, 2009

Starting with Saber

This past thursday I've recieved a package from Benippon with some goods I've ordered there ^^

There whas a figurine of Suzumiya Haruhi Bunny version and a few Fan Books, one of the fan books was the Fate Stay Night one wich I had been awaiting for a long time so as a celebration this weekend I decided to draw two Saber-chan.

It's the first time I draw her so I hope you'll like the final drawing ^^

Mar 3, 2009

Delayed post

Unfortunately this weekend due to several circumstances (a family lunch) it was for me impossible to finish my usual 5 draws at time for uploading them on monday, so the usual upload had been a bit delayed until today, but well, all of them are ready to be shared with everybody ^^

Hope you'll like those