Mar 16, 2009

Fate Stay Night special

Well, this weekend I've tried doing 5 fan arts of the very well-known anime series Fate Stay night (Type moon).

Since las week's Saber-chan drawing looked a bit tender I thought maybe I could draw a fow more of that series but I don't know how the results ended looking extremely weird...

Does this mean I need a bit of loliness to draw properly? xDDD Maybe this is the point o.o

Anyways here I upload all the 5 drawings I ended doing this weekend, the only one wich doesn't look weird to my eyes is maybe Sakura Matou one... all the others are simply horrible U_U

Hope you can help me to improve my non-loli drawing style (as well the loli-style) man... it seems my muse left my side T_T

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