Apr 28, 2009

Fate//Stay night + Lucky☆Star

This week I've drawn 3 Saber sketches (My favourite is the housewife one xD) and also two more sketches for the other characters I liked from Lucky☆Star and couldn't draw in my last works of the series.

I also like the death Saber one, I just wanted to try if I could draw her that way xD

And regarding the Lucky☆Star ones, I've really enjoyed drawing Minami, she is so cuttie (and also like the flat-chest complex she has xDDD), hope you'll like those all.

Apr 15, 2009

Lucky star weekend

Okay, this weekend draws are all of the main characters of the anime Lucky☆Star, since last week I just recieved the art-book of that anime and I wanted to draw them ^^

Hope you like those

Apr 6, 2009

After two weeks

From now on my draws will come a bit more spaced, cause I've already started again my weekends work so I've some lesser time for my hobby T_T

This is the reason that I'll be posting just once every two weeks instead of once every week, I'm sos orry but that's what there is ^o^

Hope you'll like this 5 drawings post, as you can see there are 4 Rin-chans and a drawing of Eika Ichijo (Sky girls) in the next drawings I'll try to draw Otoha and Karen as well.

See you