Apr 6, 2009

After two weeks

From now on my draws will come a bit more spaced, cause I've already started again my weekends work so I've some lesser time for my hobby T_T

This is the reason that I'll be posting just once every two weeks instead of once every week, I'm sos orry but that's what there is ^o^

Hope you'll like this 5 drawings post, as you can see there are 4 Rin-chans and a drawing of Eika Ichijo (Sky girls) in the next drawings I'll try to draw Otoha and Karen as well.

See you


Chito said...

bueno mientras no lo abandones como la ultima vez... aƱos? XD jejeje esta bien (^_^)/ mejor me hago seguidora para ver cuando salen tus dibujinis. SAuludos y que te vaya shidow en lo que trabajes :3

Nanuchan said...

Bueh, la idea es mantenerme con 5 dibujos cada una o dos semanas como mucho, la ultima vez lo deje por asuntos personales xD

Espero continuar con el buen ritmo ^^