Jun 16, 2009

おめでとう Key!

Last week I recieved a message from somebody who had been seen my last fan arts of Angel Beats! and asked me if I wanted to join a project he started to greet Key for their 10th anniversary; since I do really like Key works (I enjoyed a lot when watching Clannad, but I'd really prefered a saddest ending xD) I joined immediately ^^

For this reason the five draws of this weekend are from one of the masterpieces of Key studios... Little Busters! Kurugaya san has let her katana to be able to bake a cake xDDDDD

Hope you'll enjoy the drsaws.

1 comment:

Chito said...

Holaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa. De verdad que bueno que te uniste de inmediato, me da mucho gusto de que mucha gente vea que dibujas genial (^-^) espero que mas gente vea como vas mejorando cada dia en tus dibujos. Es tu tenacidad la que me inspira a mi para seguir dibujando, pero yo soy mas debil por eso lo dejo pronto jajaja. Bueno cuidate y nos estamos leyendo (^0^)/