Jul 27, 2009

Louise Françoise le blanc de la Valliere Vol.02

A new post of 5 draws of Louise-chan, as said,, since I like so much tsundere characters that was obvious I should draw some more Louise sketches xDDD

Well, hope you all will like those amd for next upload I can tell you it'll be some more loli

Jul 20, 2009

Louise Françoise le blanc de la Valliere

And here uploaded 5 new works done during last week.

As you can see the character of the week is Louise-chan from the anime "Zero no tsukaima", the flat-chested tsundere main character of the series ^^

Hope you'll like her, btw I7m thinking in drawing some more works about Louise for next week post ;P

Jul 14, 2009

Nagi sama

Hey peeps, here I'm again with 5 new draws, this weekend was second hand flat chested godess Nagi-sama ^^

What I could notice when drawing those is that I definitelly suck drawing hands, I need to improve that point without any doubt -.-

Jul 8, 2009

Higurashi no jikan xD

This weeks fan art works are centered in Higurashi characters, well, not all of them just Rika-chan, Rina-chan, Satoko-chan and Hanyuu, maybe I'll draw the rest of girls (to hell with men xD) for next week works or some other xDDD

Hope you'll like those ^^