Sep 9, 2009

Mahou shoujo Nanoha

Hi peeps, this new weeks drawings are a bit different (this time no Louise chan T_T xDDD) This time I wanted to draw the characters of nother series, Mahou shoujo Nanoha.

Since I couldn't decide if it was better to draw them loli or adult, I've drawn both xDDDD you can decide wich one you prefer.

I know the results are not quite good, but hope to get improving as I'll be trying harder ^^

1 comment:

Chito said...

Genial esta serie si me gusta, aunque te sere sincera, cuando están pekes no me gusta mucho.
Tus dibujos están de lujo, cada día mejoras mucho. Pasando a saludar esperando te encuentres bien. Cuídate :3