Oct 13, 2010

Shakugan no shana

Well, it took for over a month to draw another pack of five sketches but I finally made it xDDDD

This second year of japanese is proving to be pretty hard so it is absorving nearby all of my free time, fortunatelly soon I'll end working on weekends and will have some free time for drawing again ^^

For this post I had drawn once again a tsundere bishoujo ^^ Shana-tan is as cuttie as ever, well, I think it's better to read comments than writting here a lot of boring things so... Suggestions? xD

Aug 8, 2010

Higurashi again: Hanyū & Rika

It took for a long time (4 months) but finally I coud upload a new pack of fan arts ^^

Unfortunatelly many things happened, with first a bunch of exams and now I had been experiencing a very slow internet connection, so I just couldn't upload anything, nor I even was able to connect when the blog reached the 10000 hits U_U

I'm so sorry but finally the new drawing season has started hahahahahaha!

Well, as first draws I made some Hanyuu and Rika Satoko fan arts (I really like Higurashi characters) hope you all like those drawings since I really liked drawing them.

Well, from now on I hope to be able to upload sketches with some more regularity xDDDD

See you ^^

Apr 22, 2010

Kinoshita Hideyoshi 木下秀吉

Okay, here we're again with a new upload of 5 fan arts, and this time I decided to break another wall xDDDD

Up to know I've only been drawing girls, for this week fan arts I thought it'd be nice to draw a guy for first time... yet, wait, that's not a guy, it's Hideyoshi gender xDDDDDDDDDD

Hope you like this sweet Hideyoshi... chan? kun? san? xDDDD

Apr 8, 2010

Megurine Luka & Miku Hatsune えっちい

Hi there fellows, here I'm again with 5 new fan arts all of those who had been following this blog will notice this is the first time I draw a 100% hentai pic xDDDD

Well, after all, it's just another anime genre xDDDDDD

The two characters that appear are Megurine Luka and Hatsune Miku (as title says and hope they look like them -.-' ) those where a serie of draws somebody asked me to do, in theory it was just a Megurine Luka gallery but I preferred to ad some yuri action xDDDD

Hope you enjoy that

See you

Mar 24, 2010

Tohsaka Rin Portraits

Woah, I've been out of internet connection for about 5 days and couldn't upload anything yet I already have those done U_U

But well, here finally we're with some new sketches ^^

This time is a pretty known anome character, Tohsaka Rin, from the anime series Fate//Stay night .

Since Ir ecieved the art-book of Rin-chan a week ago I decided to draw some fan arts of her so this is the result ^^

Hope you enjoy them as much as I enjoyed drawing those.

Mar 11, 2010

Satoko & Hanyuu

Hi people, here I leave you a few draws I did with two higurashi characters, Satoko and Hanyuu ^^

Hope you'll like those

Mar 4, 2010

11 Eyes

Hi again ^^

After a nearby-crazy two weeks I had enough time to end my last 5 sketches so, just now I have a bit more of free time I'd uploaded this to the blog.

This week's sketches are the female characters of the anime series 11 eyes, since I recieved a few weeks ago the art book I decided to draw those, first the characters of the anime and then I saw there are some other characters for the Crossover and many of them are cute girls, so maybe I'll also draw tose soon xDDDDD

The charatcers are, from top to bottom: 広原 雪子, Hirohara Yukiko ; 百野 栞, Momono Shiori ; 水奈瀬 ゆか, Minase Yuka ; 草壁 美鈴, Kusakabe Misuzu ; 橘 菊理, Tachibana Kukuri

Hope you like those ^^

Feb 17, 2010

Kuroko and Biribiri time

Hey peeps, long time no posting some artworks in the blog, huh? xDDDDDD

Sure lately I've been a lot busy with my degree and Japanese classes so I had to drop a bit my hobbies, anyways I don't have any intention by now to stop making art works of my favourite series so you'll have to see still more of my horrible draws hehehe.

This week's fan are of my two favourite characters of this season's animes, Kuroko Shirai & Misaka Mikoto (Biribiri for friends xDDDD), of course all my draws have a bit of ecchii (after all the series is a bit... well, you know).

Hope you like those and will enjoy those.

See you soon ^^

Feb 2, 2010

Shakugan no Shana time

Long time without drawing any tsundere queen, since I found an art-book from shakugan no shana (yet I had to download it, I prefer buying the books U_U ) and though of giving a try and drawing the flame haze.

The result is not as bad as it could be xDDDD

I really like the eyes of that drawing style, maybe I should use them more often ^^

Jan 26, 2010

Erica Hartmann

This week I wanted to draw Erica Hartmann from strike witches, at least I wanted to draw her properly but don't know why the results ended looking extremely weird.

As you can see it's a complete disaster, I tried many times to fix lots of errors, but every time looked terrible when finished, I even ended throwing many to trash (a think I usually don't do) because those where just too bad.

Well, seems this draw style is just too much for me U_U