Jan 26, 2010

Erica Hartmann

This week I wanted to draw Erica Hartmann from strike witches, at least I wanted to draw her properly but don't know why the results ended looking extremely weird.

As you can see it's a complete disaster, I tried many times to fix lots of errors, but every time looked terrible when finished, I even ended throwing many to trash (a think I usually don't do) because those where just too bad.

Well, seems this draw style is just too much for me U_U

Jan 18, 2010

Megami magazine Bishoujo

Long time since I last draw a non-loli girl xDDDDDD

But when I saw the girls in a Special Megami Magazine I couldn't help myself and I had to draw all of them ^^

Hope you like those as the rest of my draws, after all, sometimes, a bit of bishoujo is fine too xDDDDD

Jan 5, 2010

First Loli & Moe update of the decade

Well here we're again, a new decade, some new fan arts xDDDDDD

Since it's in those particular dates I decided to make a specially MOE & LOLICON Fan arts as the firsts of 2010 :D

For this I had chosen POP's drawing style (Moetan illustrator), who is the best anime and manga illustrator of sukumizu and moe lolis, and I'm pretty happy with the results so hope everybody would like those as well.

Does this mean this 2010 I'm gonna draw lots of lolis and moe girls?