Jan 26, 2010

Erica Hartmann

This week I wanted to draw Erica Hartmann from strike witches, at least I wanted to draw her properly but don't know why the results ended looking extremely weird.

As you can see it's a complete disaster, I tried many times to fix lots of errors, but every time looked terrible when finished, I even ended throwing many to trash (a think I usually don't do) because those where just too bad.

Well, seems this draw style is just too much for me U_U

1 comment:

Chito said...

:D hehehe Pero yo no lo veo tan mal. A mi me gusto mucho el resultado, casi no noto que hayas borrado demasiado. A comparación de los míos se notan más, porque yo recalco mucho el lápiz :P
Me gusta que le hayas agregado sobra al tercer dibujo.
Saludos y espero te encuentres bien.