Jan 18, 2010

Megami magazine Bishoujo

Long time since I last draw a non-loli girl xDDDDDD

But when I saw the girls in a Special Megami Magazine I couldn't help myself and I had to draw all of them ^^

Hope you like those as the rest of my draws, after all, sometimes, a bit of bishoujo is fine too xDDDDD


Chito said...

Claro que si, El primero esta super, se ve que has mejorado bastante. El ultimo mmmmm XD como que ya no le echaste galleta. Pero igual te quedo bien. Saludos que estés bien :3

カノコガ said...

Nice drawings! I'm impressed with the detail. Keep good work!

Nanuchan said...

Thanks for the comments ^^

I'll try to continue improving