Mar 4, 2010

11 Eyes

Hi again ^^

After a nearby-crazy two weeks I had enough time to end my last 5 sketches so, just now I have a bit more of free time I'd uploaded this to the blog.

This week's sketches are the female characters of the anime series 11 eyes, since I recieved a few weeks ago the art book I decided to draw those, first the characters of the anime and then I saw there are some other characters for the Crossover and many of them are cute girls, so maybe I'll also draw tose soon xDDDDD

The charatcers are, from top to bottom: 広原 雪子, Hirohara Yukiko ; 百野 栞, Momono Shiori ; 水奈瀬 ゆか, Minase Yuka ; 草壁 美鈴, Kusakabe Misuzu ; 橘 菊理, Tachibana Kukuri

Hope you like those ^^

1 comment:

Chito said...

Salut! Bonitos Dibujos me gusta la segunda que has dibujado. El pingüinito de la tercera (o el animal mascota) te quedo de la ostia me gusto mucho :)
Veo que tienen mucho detalle la mayoría de los dibujos. Te vaz a lo difícil eso es bueno :)
Cuando uno esta inspirado suele ser mas fácil todo :)