Mar 24, 2010

Tohsaka Rin Portraits

Woah, I've been out of internet connection for about 5 days and couldn't upload anything yet I already have those done U_U

But well, here finally we're with some new sketches ^^

This time is a pretty known anome character, Tohsaka Rin, from the anime series Fate//Stay night .

Since Ir ecieved the art-book of Rin-chan a week ago I decided to draw some fan arts of her so this is the result ^^

Hope you enjoy them as much as I enjoyed drawing those.

1 comment:

ChitoZ said...

vaya veo una notable mejora. En este tiempo que no he pasado a tu blog °3° se ve que vas mejorando bastante. A hora si me gusto el primero XD que es raro, siempre me gustan los terceros o por ahi :D
Genial galerĂ­a.