Aug 8, 2010

Higurashi again: Hanyū & Rika

It took for a long time (4 months) but finally I coud upload a new pack of fan arts ^^

Unfortunatelly many things happened, with first a bunch of exams and now I had been experiencing a very slow internet connection, so I just couldn't upload anything, nor I even was able to connect when the blog reached the 10000 hits U_U

I'm so sorry but finally the new drawing season has started hahahahahaha!

Well, as first draws I made some Hanyuu and Rika Satoko fan arts (I really like Higurashi characters) hope you all like those drawings since I really liked drawing them.

Well, from now on I hope to be able to upload sketches with some more regularity xDDDD

See you ^^


Chito said...

Si pues exijo que pupliques algo y ni comento XD jeje perdona
Yo creía que bajaria tu nivel pero me he equibocado, te han quedado preciosos en especial el primero. Se nota que no pierdes practica.
Nos estamos leyendo pronto espero :) Saludos

Xsi said...

Oh wow, very nice

Nanuchan said...

Thank you ^^